Thursday, 22 December 2011


Call it a Holiday fashion frenzy, but I am seeing Fringe dresses everywhere! The great Puerto Rican designer David Antonio has not one, but TWO amazingly beautiful dresses in his boutique window on Loiza Street- I saw them as recently as today... and retail stores such as Free People also included a gorgeous blue fringe dress in their latest collection.

Fringe dresses first became popular in the 1920s, with Flapper style and the famous Charleston dance- notice how it elongates the body, hides belly bumps and looks awesome on the dance floor?  I wonder if fringe is another dress element originally adopted from the Ballet Russes in Paris. Feel free to comment readers... I found a wonderful historical timeline on the use of fringe in womenswear, from Vogue Italy:



Fringe | Fashiolista

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Houndstooth- A True Story

It was 2004 and I was a Senior in High School... It was career day. I was still very unsure about what I would study at the University of Puerto Rico,  all I knew is that I wanted a College degree more than anything in the world. 
I had always loved my Science classes and I was thrilled to learn that as part of Career Day, a Pharmacist would come talk to the class about her field; At the time I was very inclined to become a Pharmacist myself.
What changed my mind about how awesome her job was? 
Believe it or not, it was her overwhelming Houndstooth suit, which made me dizzy and unable to concentrate on what she was saying! Mind you, this dizziness happened after about an hour of looking and listening to her speech; her outfit just made it hard to look at her. I was later enthralled by the image of yet another speaker, this time in a good way- a handsome lawyer Dad that came to talk about his career  & was impeccably dressed and did public speaking like a Pro.  

Looking back, now at the age of 25 and after concluding a degree in Social Sciences and a Certificate in Image Consulting, it kind of makes sense that a houndstooth suit would make such an impression on me.  I am passionate about clothes and I'm sensitive enough to be physically affected by a bad outfit. 
I do not hate Houndstooth, I actually recall wearing a dress in that print for my ring ceremony that same year, 2004... A dress I absolutely loved and hold fond memories of. I like houndstooth, but it is a very distinctive print and must be combined accordingly, used like a strong perfume- in small doses. 

It seems that Houndstooth will be part of the 2012 trends, which is OK with me... Here are a few images of cool items in this print... Enjoy! Houndstooth | Fashiolista  /> 



Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I recently traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina and it was an absolutely wonderful experience.  I particularly loved the shopping and the great prices everywhere, from food to jewelry to leather jackets.  I also realized, this far away from home, that certain colors can make a lasting impression on me.
Believe it or not, I coincided with a girl I had previously seen at the airport in Buenos Aires a few days later at an Antiques flea market... I knew it was her because of the distinct color of lipstick she was wearing, a totally in your face pink!

This internet picture is the closest I could find regarding the PINK lipstick the aforementioned girl was wearing:

I also found information on a Pantone swatch called Honeysuckle Pink, which was chosen as the color of 2011! This swatch is quite similar to the lipstick the girl was wearing...Coincidence?  Pantone definitely knows consumer trends...  

I'm still amazed at how I was able to recognize her among a crowd of people and just know it was the same person I had seen a few days before... Besides that, I am truly intrigued by how well she wore that strange pink. After two months, I've decided I'll go lipstick hunting for the hue. I just HAVE to try it on! 
The following are pictures I took during my trip and items I purchased at the flea market! Enjoy! 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


For any girl who is back on the dating scene, 'flirty' dresses are the perfect excuse to let guys know you're available & ready for a date night...

But what exactly is a flirty, date night worthy dress anyway?  Is it the color of the dress that makes it flirty? Is it the shape, the length or an unexpected detail, such as an open back?

I personally think a flirty dress has everything to do with how it makes you feel and how appropriate the outfit is for where you'll be going... So confidence in yourself and in the dress is key. (Photos from

When searching for your perfect flirty dress, take in consideration the following: 

1. Cleavage exposure: Sometimes less is more and sometimes more is more in the cleavage department... Shall I explain? It really depends on your body type and on the level of sexiness you want to do!  If you have a small bust, you can definitely pull off more cleavage in a dress. If in turn you have a large bust, you should probably go with a more covered number and show off your legs instead. So what if your just in the middle? Lucky you! Both looks work very well; just remember proportions... If you decide to wear a mini dress take it easy on the cleavage and opt for simple accessories.

2. Curve enhancing/ diminishing: In the first photo the Peplum detail will instantly add volume to the hip area...Which is a good thing for athletic bodies, who are looking to even out a large back/top.

In the second photo, the vertical line draws the eyes to the center and away from the actual curves of the body. Choose your look!


3. Above the knee: (Photo from

I love the intense color of this dress and the fact that it is so feminine and 'flirty'. This dress will make your legs look long, no matter what. Dresses that are above the knee, but still manage to be creative, like this one are definitely date worthy and flirty.

4. Open back/ back detail:

5. Jewel tones (perfect for Fall):
I am so into Jewel tones right now, I have this violet plum color on my nails... You can of course choose your favorite hue. Whether emerald green, sapphire or turquoise blue jewel tones are here to stay a while more.

6. Girlish quality for grown ups: A little girly can go a long way, especially when wanting to give off a more playful vibe... If you tend to enjoy severe and conservative outfits, give lace and ruffles a try.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I can still remember my very first pair of Chanel sunglasses... It was the end of my second college semester, and my heart had been broken by a certain boy named... SHHH!

I don't know you, but so much about myself, my feelings and my present wishes tend to manifest in my clothes, makeup and accessories; What's going on in my personal life, influences how I wear the items in my closet. My present mood? Bitter and hopeful... Is that possible? Yes...

Have you ever changed your hair after ending a relationship??? And though a new look or shinier hair may not bring back what God thankfully took away, it certainly makes you feel better and remember that no one can love you better than yourself.



Perfect Pair Noir from Katrina Ortiz-Katona
 at portal
Perfect Pair Noir

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


While talking to a friend, I realized just how annoying it can be for some guys to witness or at least wait for a girl to get dressed & dolled up.

The thing is, most women enjoy looking and feeling beautiful to make themselves happy, not simply to please others, as some guys may think. The problem is this: Beautification whether real or perceived, takes so much time! Not to mention money.

As a recovering salon junkie, I have discovered that a few products can go a long way, and that I can do most things myself, in an easy and money conscious way. Most of the products listed below have been tried and tested by me... This is why I feel free to recommend them.

WARNING: Please do not misunderstand and think I'm implying you swear off beauty salons and spas completely, but it's simply not cool to depend on them completely all the time. The following are a few beauty tips I hope you can apply whenever in need... Please comment and I promise to reply if you have any questions!

1. GOODBYE CLUTTER KIT: Mr. & Mrs. Emergency kit bag has it all, well almost, and it is so small it can pretty much fit anywhere. The one thing I would add to this kit is a hand moisterizer, with a yummy smell... Like those found at L'OCCITANE.

2. ARGAN OIL: Argan oil can be used as an after shower moisturizer, for hands and nails, as a hair oil (in small amounts) and at night.
This oil is simply amazing. If you have oily skin, do not fret, it may actually help balance you out. I tried this oil for the first time in France and was delighted with the results. More recently I purchased the Josie Maran brand from Sephora, and have been using the oil at night before going to bed. I've suffered from oily skin my whole life and this oil has helped me control morning shine and delivers a noticeable glow after after several uses.

3. HAIR COLOR: I personally think that the BEST investment you can make for your hair is a good haircut. As a girl who has tried it all in the hair department, I know by experience that hair dye and hair extensions can only take you so far. Finding your ideal hair color, and finding haircuts that suit your personality, face and lifestyle is key. How to know what hair color suits you best? Start with your natural hue! When deciding to change your hair color, even if it's highlights you should always start by searching for colors that make your features pop. For example, if you have green eyes and fair skin, autumn colors will probably suit you best; If you have dark eyes & hair and fair skin, colder colors will suit you best. Look for colors that complement your eye and skin color, there are a number of resources out there... Check out for their hair makeover tool, it's awesome and free!


After: DARK BROWN HAIR and New Haircut

4. BODY EXFOLIATION: This is something so simple and easy, and makes skin look & feel amazing. The next recipe may sound strange, but it works... I actually got the idea of using coffee grinds from my facial esthetician.

Body: Remember to start from your feet and use the brush in circular motions upwards. Recipe-2 tablespoons coffee(grinded) and honey. You will also need a body brush.

5. AT HOME FACIAL: Facial treatments are a once-a-month necessary treat. The good news?You can get one at home... Whether you have your sister or BFF do it, or you simply decide to be your own esthetician. The following steps are from the book Spa Bliss, by Jo Glanville-Blackburn.

1. "Warm some cleanser between the palms of your hands, then massage it into your skin with firm, circular movements..."
2. Next fill a bowl with hot water, then add a few fresh herbs such as lavender, basil or rosemary. Lean over the bowl with your face in the steam and drape a towel over both your head and the bowl. Stay like this breathing deeply, for up to five minutes, depending on how sensitive your skin...(89)"

3. The next step is to exfoliate the skin... You can use a fruit such as mashed papaya, pineapple or strawberries. Rinse with warm water.

4. After exfoliating, apply toner and wait for it to be absorbed by the skin. Next step?

5. Facial Mask: You should purchase a facial mask that is right for your skin type, whether it be dry, oily or mixed. Remember to be gently when applying the face mask.
For mixed and oily skin, I highly recommend Yes to cucumbers. I've been using it for over a year now and I really love it! Why? I can but it at my local pharmacy whenever I run out, their ingredients are fairly natural and each sells for under $20 dollars...

6. Eyebrow kit:
Just today I went to get my eyebrows done and I asked Roberto: Do you have a kit that I can use for both my eyes and eyebrows...Something that can transition from day to night, and that will last all day long? His answer: Brows A-Go-Go from benefit. It's amazing, check it out!



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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I've definitely been in a romantic mood for a while now, and my latest fixation are 1970's inspired floppy hats... Believe me, there is nothing better for a gal who wants to shield her face from the sun and do it in style!
Here are a few reasons why I've decided to get myself a floppy hat ASAP... I hope you find them inspiring too!

1. It's perfect for a beach day, a pool side event or a sunny afternoon.

2. I recently cut my hair short-1920s bob style- and headgear helps mix up the look. Long hair can benefit from hats as well, for example the 2nd picture is of Faye Dunaway rocking the look... The hat frames her face and adds tons of sophistication, to an otherwise conservative sweater and turtleneck top. The first picture is of Anjelica Huston in her early years.

3. Floppy hats' fabric is lightweight-straw in most cases- which makes hair stay in place, even after removing the hat.

4. Nothing says VACATION like a big floppy hat, shades and a pair of wedge shoes... Even if you're pasty white, like me. Pair it with a romper to add instant glam or with a t-shirt and shorts for a more playful vibe.

5. In comparison to regular straw hats, floppy hats add more drama to literally any ensemble. Designers such as Lanvin and Gucci, have brought back the trend for Fall 2011, so floppy hats can be found in an array of prices and colors EVERYWHERE.



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Sunday, 3 July 2011


Urban Kimono from Katrina Ortiz-Katona
 at portal
Urban Kimono

Art is a wonderful way of self-expression, and though some people may not view fashion as art... Fashion right now is my therapy. I love making moodboards, especially when I just let my thoughts flow when looking for images and combinations.
This Mood board is dedicated to my earlier Kimono post... I simply decided to give the look a more grown up vibe, by adding the long dress pants and the cute kitten heel sandals. The yellow purse, though maybe not so versatile as a black purse for example, is an unexpected choice and gives a twist of summer to the ensemble. Because this look is quite strong, and the hand bag is colorful, I recommend using light makeup and bronzer. As for the nailpolish, have a little fun with violet!!! Red and pink can get boring after a while...



Sunday, 26 June 2011


Today I wish to share my most recent style inspiration, a Kimono style top from H&M Collection, I purchased while shopping with my friend Judith...

It was something like love at first sight. You see, I usually steer clear of big sleeves and prints on the top, because both these elements usually make a person look bigger. But due to the length of the sleeves, right above my elbows, and the fact that the length covered my midriff completely, cutting off at my thighs and hiding part of my bum... I was sold!

Kimono tops can be worn over bathing suits... Jeans, shorts and paired with a belt or simply over a white tank top.

In the photo, I am wearing my kimono with a stretch BGBG belt... I recently paired this top with blue jeans and a white tank, no belt. The effect was an elegant look, that looked cool without trying too hard.

While doing my internet research, I found other Kimono styles such as Maxi and Mid-length dresses.
The cool thing about the Mid-length Kimono is that depending on the shoes and accessories, you can dress it up or down. The Kimono Maxi has a more regal feeling to it, and it's a dress that screams, 'Less is more'.
When wearing a Kimono Maxi dress, remember to keep other accessories simple, and small in proportion to your body.
My favorite find was a white Kimono Maxi dress by Elizabeth and James, available at But do not fret, I've also included more budget friendly choices such as Nasty Gal and Victoria's Secret!




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