Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I recently traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina and it was an absolutely wonderful experience.  I particularly loved the shopping and the great prices everywhere, from food to jewelry to leather jackets.  I also realized, this far away from home, that certain colors can make a lasting impression on me.
Believe it or not, I coincided with a girl I had previously seen at the airport in Buenos Aires a few days later at an Antiques flea market... I knew it was her because of the distinct color of lipstick she was wearing, a totally in your face pink!

This internet picture is the closest I could find regarding the PINK lipstick the aforementioned girl was wearing:

I also found information on a Pantone swatch called Honeysuckle Pink, which was chosen as the color of 2011! This swatch is quite similar to the lipstick the girl was wearing...Coincidence?  Pantone definitely knows consumer trends...  

I'm still amazed at how I was able to recognize her among a crowd of people and just know it was the same person I had seen a few days before... Besides that, I am truly intrigued by how well she wore that strange pink. After two months, I've decided I'll go lipstick hunting for the hue. I just HAVE to try it on! 
The following are pictures I took during my trip and items I purchased at the flea market! Enjoy!