Wednesday, 12 October 2011


For any girl who is back on the dating scene, 'flirty' dresses are the perfect excuse to let guys know you're available & ready for a date night...

But what exactly is a flirty, date night worthy dress anyway?  Is it the color of the dress that makes it flirty? Is it the shape, the length or an unexpected detail, such as an open back?

I personally think a flirty dress has everything to do with how it makes you feel and how appropriate the outfit is for where you'll be going... So confidence in yourself and in the dress is key. (Photos from

When searching for your perfect flirty dress, take in consideration the following: 

1. Cleavage exposure: Sometimes less is more and sometimes more is more in the cleavage department... Shall I explain? It really depends on your body type and on the level of sexiness you want to do!  If you have a small bust, you can definitely pull off more cleavage in a dress. If in turn you have a large bust, you should probably go with a more covered number and show off your legs instead. So what if your just in the middle? Lucky you! Both looks work very well; just remember proportions... If you decide to wear a mini dress take it easy on the cleavage and opt for simple accessories.

2. Curve enhancing/ diminishing: In the first photo the Peplum detail will instantly add volume to the hip area...Which is a good thing for athletic bodies, who are looking to even out a large back/top.

In the second photo, the vertical line draws the eyes to the center and away from the actual curves of the body. Choose your look!


3. Above the knee: (Photo from

I love the intense color of this dress and the fact that it is so feminine and 'flirty'. This dress will make your legs look long, no matter what. Dresses that are above the knee, but still manage to be creative, like this one are definitely date worthy and flirty.

4. Open back/ back detail:

5. Jewel tones (perfect for Fall):
I am so into Jewel tones right now, I have this violet plum color on my nails... You can of course choose your favorite hue. Whether emerald green, sapphire or turquoise blue jewel tones are here to stay a while more.

6. Girlish quality for grown ups: A little girly can go a long way, especially when wanting to give off a more playful vibe... If you tend to enjoy severe and conservative outfits, give lace and ruffles a try.

Flirty dresses | Fashiolista

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