Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Houndstooth- A True Story

It was 2004 and I was a Senior in High School... It was career day. I was still very unsure about what I would study at the University of Puerto Rico,  all I knew is that I wanted a College degree more than anything in the world. 
I had always loved my Science classes and I was thrilled to learn that as part of Career Day, a Pharmacist would come talk to the class about her field; At the time I was very inclined to become a Pharmacist myself.
What changed my mind about how awesome her job was? 
Believe it or not, it was her overwhelming Houndstooth suit, which made me dizzy and unable to concentrate on what she was saying! Mind you, this dizziness happened after about an hour of looking and listening to her speech; her outfit just made it hard to look at her. I was later enthralled by the image of yet another speaker, this time in a good way- a handsome lawyer Dad that came to talk about his career  & was impeccably dressed and did public speaking like a Pro.  

Looking back, now at the age of 25 and after concluding a degree in Social Sciences and a Certificate in Image Consulting, it kind of makes sense that a houndstooth suit would make such an impression on me.  I am passionate about clothes and I'm sensitive enough to be physically affected by a bad outfit. 
I do not hate Houndstooth, I actually recall wearing a dress in that print for my ring ceremony that same year, 2004... A dress I absolutely loved and hold fond memories of. I like houndstooth, but it is a very distinctive print and must be combined accordingly, used like a strong perfume- in small doses. 

It seems that Houndstooth will be part of the 2012 trends, which is OK with me... Here are a few images of cool items in this print... Enjoy! Houndstooth | Fashiolista  /> 



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