Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Passing on Python

It's no secret I love animals, this is why I've decided to dedicate this post to cruelty free fashion. 
Monday night I was reading my Facebook newsfeed and came across a story by Net-a-Porter; it included some of their most recent items, the post was titled "3 of the Best Snakeskin Bags". 
I must admit, I thought both #1 and #3 were cute... but when I read the comments I was shocked. Most of the comments were actually against the use of snakeskin and several readers mentioned just how cruelly these snakes are killed for the sake of fashion. I of course did some research... I wanted to know more about the topic and why exactly  readers were so disgusted by the fact that Net-a-Porter was marketing this product. This is a direct quote from the article I found, I have included the link as reference: 

"With the bigger snakes the tanners don't want to cut the head off so they nail it to a tree. Then they force a hose pipe down its throat and blow it up like a balloon to make the skin easier to peel off. They throw the snake's body away, while it is still alive, where it can survive in agony for up to two days," Mr Warwick explains. -Clifford Warwick, reptile expert and consultant with the Animal Protection Agency.

 All animals deserve an ethical treatment even if they are being raised to be food or end up as merchandise at a store; I do draw the line with cockroaches though, sorry... And though I am more of a dog person than a snake lover, I am completely against unnecessary cruelty against these creatures for the sake of profit, sport or even fashion.  Technology has evolved enough for consumers to enjoy an array of accessories, including handbags and clutches that do not involve animal cruelty. And while I do adore leather items... It makes me feel terrible to think about the way snakes and probably other animals are experiencing a slow death in the name of fashion. 
Here are a few items made of FAKE snakeskin... No animals were harmed. Take a look and make a choice to purchase animal cruelty free products: 
With Love,