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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lingerie: A Sexy Match

Shopping for lingerie can be a daunting task.... Add the pressure of a
special occasion such as Valentines Day and you can easily end up buying an item that neither flatters your figure or your wallet.
When looking for a good piece of lingerie you should always take several things into consideration: Budget, style and look you want to achieve and body type.
Besides if Barbie can have perfect sexy lingerie... Shouldn't you have one as well???

1. Inverted Triangle:
If the upper part of your torso is proportionally longer and or bigger than your bottom half, then you're an inverted triangle. 
Whether you choose a one or two piece garment, make sure it has straps. A strapless piece will make your torso look wider than it actually is and visual disproportion will follow. Choose which of your favorite body parts you would like to accentuate and play it up. 

2. Round Shaped and Big Ladies:
If you're looking to add definition to your silhouette and still wear something revealing, look for lingerie in 1 or 2 pieces in rich and solid colors that give good support.
Look for a waistband that ends in the thinnest part of the waist and add a matching garter belt to create a vertical line. Make sure the stalking are darker than the outfit.

3. Pear Shaped:
Pear shaped women are characterized by having small waists, a small torso and a relatively larger bottom. Think JLO... This body is great because you can really showcase other areas of your body such as your cleavage. If you decide to wear a furry or fringy detail make the focus your top, this will visually even out your figure.

4. Rectangular and Hourglass:
If you have a rectangle body your measurements are pretty even and visually you might want to create more curves... Lucky you, you have the typical model body!
If your a an Hourglass you are already curvy... So go ahead and show off those curves!
Look for lingerie with stalkings that end a little below your buttocks. Also look for pieces with details on the bust area, this will help add volume if that's your desired effect.

This last piece is a bit odd in my opinion, but noteworthy for ladies that want to enhance or create the illusion of curves. The belt is perfect for accentuating the waistline, while the shoulder detail just adds more curves and interest to the item. It's a sexy number & one that won't be easily forgotten!

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Style Icon: Victoria Beckham

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