Monday, 25 April 2011


Dress Delight from Katrina Ortiz-Katona
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Dress Delight


Leave it to CHANEL to make all things beautiful... Not only are this season's clothes to die for due to the whole post apocalyptic backdrop of the show... But their Summer 2011 Make up collection is fabulous as well!

My Favorite Look from the Spring RTW 2011 Collection:

Ready-to-Wear Fall 2011

All Things CHANEL | Fashiolista

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Kookie Style: LOVE & NATURE

As you may have noticed I just can't enough of TrendMe, I love it!
So, here's my latest creation... Next on my fashion Wish List is a yellow maxi skirt like the one pictured... It stands out and will make you get noticed for sure. Beautiful creatures deserve to be admired, right?


Love & Nature from Katrina Ortiz-Katona
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Love & Nature

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Kookie Style: Color Punch Part2

Today is my first day of Easter vacation & I'm so happy... I just feel like blogging my fingers to exhaustion!

While thinking about what I'll do with some precious time off, I've found myself dreaming of the beach, romantic sunsets and fashion icons... I've created a Mood Board to show my readers just what I mean.
I wish you all a wonderful Easter vacation and a fun weekend ahead!


Color Punch from Katrina Ortiz-Katona
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Color Punch

Kookie Style: Color Punch!!!

Using Fashiolista as my guide, I've chosen an array of items that are sure to spruce up any wardrobe!

I truly believe colorful outfits are here to stay!!! For a few more seasons at least. As you'll soon notice, I've narrowed down my LOVE objects to pink and blue... Why?

These colors are extremely versatile when paired and are actually flattering to an array of different complexions... Go ahead, give it a try & you'll see there will be no regrets!

Use a few of these items together à la "color blocking" can be pure magic... You can also use these colors as separates-to kick off Summer with a bit of spice.
For example, Berry and Ocean inspired nail polishes can be mixed with a neutral or monochromatic look, whether it be black or white... Shocking color shoes can liven up any jean and T-shirt, instantly.

If you feel up to the challenge to share your PICs, please do... I'd love to see more outfit combinations with Pink and Blue!!!!


Color Punch | Fashiolista

Saturday, 16 April 2011


OK... So maybe I'm feeling a bit inspired tonight. But, I am truly enjoying doing Mood Boards on TrendMe. It's a great site!!!

I also miss my Tango classes... Lucky for me, I will be going to Argentina in September!
I can't wait, and I couldn't resist searching for some Tango outfits in the meantime... :)

Neutral Tango from Katrina Ortiz-Katona
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Neutral Tango

Kookie Style: Spring Fling!!!

I am not very sure why this name came to mind, I am not planning anything naughty anytime soon... But summer love is wonderful, and the final product of my mood board resumes just that. I Hope you like it!


Spring Fling from Katrina Ortiz-Katona
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 Spring Fling

Friday, 8 April 2011


Some people say that you can tell a lot about a woman by just looking at her shoes... Well, these shoes were designed with fearless women in mind!

When wearing killer heels such as the ones in this list, remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple. You can achieve a very chic look by pairing far out black heels with a pleated A-line black miniskirt, a black top and a simple belt.
The glittery and bejeweled shoes... You can wear with a simple neutral color outfit, such as a white dress or neutral color jeans and top. Keep the accessories to a minimum and remember to combine your jewelry to the color of the heel.

Revolutionary times in history call for revolutionary style... Even if it starts in the shoe department!!!


The Revolutionary | Fashiolista

Sunday, 3 April 2011


This afternoon in Puerto Rico was quite nice... it was breezy and warm, but still comfortable enough to sport my new jean jacket!
I too am suffering from denim fever and my latest love is a jean jacket purchased at Mango! This very comfy and versatile item was paired with a vintage silk skirt and a white tee.
I've been very much inspired by Jil Sander's S2011 collection of bright maxi skirts paired with white tees. But neutrals are also great this season, so I wouldn't mind trying this same outfit with a white maxi skirt... :)



Sunday Breeze | Fashiolista

Friday, 1 April 2011

KOOKIE STYLE: Personal Style Photos-Day/Night#1

Since puberty, I've run away from cameras... And I prefer to have someone of my complete trust take pictures of me; this is why I'm a huge fan of self-photos.

I often write about the importance of staying true to your personal style while wearing clothes that are flattering for your body type... But, until now I had not shared with you, my reader, my personal style in pictures (of myself)... Well, here it is!!!!

I am very new to this whole publishing photos of myself thing of kind of making a daily diary of what I wear, but I am up for the adventure... I would appreciate your feedback, and I PROMISE, the photos will get better in time! :)
P.S. This picture was taken April 1st at night... The dress is from Nikka Boutique, the Booties are Dolce Vita and the silver cuff is from Express.



Personal Style#1 | Fashiolista