Sunday, 26 June 2011


Today I wish to share my most recent style inspiration, a Kimono style top from H&M Collection, I purchased while shopping with my friend Judith...

It was something like love at first sight. You see, I usually steer clear of big sleeves and prints on the top, because both these elements usually make a person look bigger. But due to the length of the sleeves, right above my elbows, and the fact that the length covered my midriff completely, cutting off at my thighs and hiding part of my bum... I was sold!

Kimono tops can be worn over bathing suits... Jeans, shorts and paired with a belt or simply over a white tank top.

In the photo, I am wearing my kimono with a stretch BGBG belt... I recently paired this top with blue jeans and a white tank, no belt. The effect was an elegant look, that looked cool without trying too hard.

While doing my internet research, I found other Kimono styles such as Maxi and Mid-length dresses.
The cool thing about the Mid-length Kimono is that depending on the shoes and accessories, you can dress it up or down. The Kimono Maxi has a more regal feeling to it, and it's a dress that screams, 'Less is more'.
When wearing a Kimono Maxi dress, remember to keep other accessories simple, and small in proportion to your body.
My favorite find was a white Kimono Maxi dress by Elizabeth and James, available at But do not fret, I've also included more budget friendly choices such as Nasty Gal and Victoria's Secret!




Kimono Trend | Fashiolista

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