Thursday, 31 March 2011

KOOKIE STYLE: Workout Wardrobe!!!

This past week I signed up at the Gym... Not that I have never been to a gym before, I've actually signed up more times than I can count, but in the past I had never sticked to an actual routine... I had not committed. That's the difference this time, commitment.

My back is actually in trouble- my spinal cord is tilting to the left, and my Doctor recommended weight training and lower back exercises to counteract years of bad posture...

Gearing up for the gym has brought back old traumas, like freaking out at the fact that I've never liked wearing Gym clothes!!! I'd rather be naked!!!! Seriously. But clothes are necessary and this time around I've decided to take Gym Fashion as a challenge, to express my unique personal style- urban, vintage and techie all rolled into one- that's me!

The next images are items that I've gathered while Mood boarding myself to a better Workout Wardrobe...This time I'll stick to stores that can be found at the mall, such as Adidas (Stella Mcartney line, yey), Victoria's Secret and Nike....I'm also including a link to an article about Jessica Biel's Celebrity Trainer, Jason Walsh- It includes a quick routine to get your heart rate & Metabolism going.
I personally saw Jessica Biel a few years ago at a Nightclub bathroom (it's weird I know) and I swear I have never seen a more sculpted body than hers... If you wish to know more about fabulous women and their workout routines, I recommend you check out Vogue's 10th Annual Shape Issue (APRIL 2011)- it's quite inspiring!!!! Hope you enjoy my Workout Wardrobe Picks... XOXO

1. 70s Inspired: Tie Dye, Wide leg pants & Peace Symbols

2. Solid Brights:

3. The Jumpsuit:

4. The White Lie T:

Check out Jessica Biel's Workout Routine at ... Want the Direct link?


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