Sunday, 20 March 2011


Maybe it's due to the beautiful Spring weather, but I just feel like LOVE is in the air and on the shelves!!!

The array of handbags for this Season is amazing, ranging from the conservative and versatile, to the dainty floral inspired, to neon colored ones... Ending with the nude colored clutches brimming with gold details à la Alexander Mcqueen... Only to arrive to the trendy and not so eco-friendly plastic trend. How's that for true love?

The possibility of finding the perfect match in the Handbag department of your favorite store is truly endless...
Whether you're looking for a perfect clutch, an everyday tote, a cool messenger bag or simply a touch of kookiness to add to your wardrobe... Love is in the air & it promises to be a match made in heaven!


The Bad Girl

The Pink Lady
The Flower Girl
The Diplomat
The Jean Lover
The Straw Fashionista
The Evergreen Girl
The Artist
The Nancy
The Golden Girl

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  5. I love the selection that you had done. Great blog.

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