Wednesday, 16 March 2011

KOOKIE STYLE: The Neutralist

For most of my life, I've worn black... It just came naturally to me-it's a slimming color and you can certainly wear it for a night out or for mourning. What other color in your closet is so versatile?

I often receive compliments when wearing funky black or black and white items. Black is never out of style used to be my motto; the Little Black Dress is a closet staple, thanks to Coco Chanel...but the truth is, after so many years wearing awesome items in dark & safe colors such as grey and blue, I feel ready to take a walk on the wild side!!!

Maybe the word "passion" is a bit too much for this new found desire of wearing neutral colors from head to toe, but for me passion is a big part of life, especially when it comes to how I express myself through clothes.
The following photos are from Valentino's Ready to Wear collection for Fall 2011... You can find the complete collection at

Fashion may serve many purposes, but I think one of the most personal & intrinsically subjective ways in which people express happiness, love, lust or sadness is through fashion... Fashion is art, and art always seems to imitate life.
There are infinite messages a certain "look" can convey... I've decided to make a few outfit combinations based on nude palettes to give you an idea of what I mean. :)

1. The Ballerina

2. The Grecian Goddess:

3. The Bikini Girl:


  1. HI, interesting post, eveything goes together really well! keep on the good work :)

  2. Hey! Thanks for the feedback! I'm also following your blog!!! :)

  3. Like this blog! very springish. Following you btw! x

  4. Thanks Sam!!! I love spring/summer... Also, I live on an island so its pretty much Spring all year round! I'm following you back! :)