Monday, 28 February 2011


With so much going on in the fashion arena right now-the Oscars, Milan, London and NY Fashion Weeks... as well as bright colors popping up everywhere & Fall Trends all ready in sight; It seems to me that the best thing I can do RIGHT NOW is focus on body shape and those essential accessories that help make an outfit memorable.

Belts are the one accessory that can help a woman feel and look slimmer in seconds... FDA approved.
Belts come in different widths, materials and colors but the ultimate goal of wearing a belt should always be drawing attention to the right places, contouring the shape in a way which is favorable to the wearer according to her body shape.
Belt width is essential in making a body and an outfit look good, so keep on reading as I give you a few pointers on what belt width-narrow, medium or wide- is best for YOU, according to your body type.

1. The Hourglass:
The hourglass figure is quite proportionate on top and on the bottom and is characterized by having a small waist. Celebrity examples of an hourglass figures are Scarlett Johansson and Marilyn Monroe.
Medium and skinny width belts places on the natural waistline... Wider if used with a pencil straight or short skirt, narrower if used with a A-line (50s-esque) skirt or dress. Remember, if your outfit also has prints, keep the belt color simple.

2. The Apple: Gals with this body shape can really push the envelope with both size and color in belts, while keeping the rest of the outfit simple. Yellow is a beautiful and uplifting color, that definitely screams "Look at me"... a yellow belt, medium width can be paired with a black ensemble... this will keep all eyes on the middle section of the body, while slimming the upper and top parts of the body. Celebrity examples are Queen Latifah and Drew Barrymore.

3. The Inverted Triangle: This body shape is also called "athletic"... basically, the person has broad shoulders and proportionately smaller hips. This body shape is often also characterized by having a long torso, so playing with the width of the belt can be priceless.
Belts and decorations on the hips work well- so a medium to wide width belt is recommended... as well as empire waists- with beading right below the bust area.
Being an inverted triangle myself, I've learned to purchase belts with some elastic in the back to pull in my waist as much as possible- it also does wonders for posture.
Celebrity examples of an athletic body shape are Eva Mendes and Halle Berry.

4. The Pear: If you have a slim neck, long and shapely arms and a heavy bottom, then you are a pear shape. This body types is naturally very feminine and accents on the upper part of the body, such as princess sleeves and architectural jackets can do wonders...Belts are absolutely wonderful for pear-shaped gals as well, since it draws attention to the waist, which makes the body look more proportionate. Celebrities with this body shape include J-LO, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce.

5. The Rectangle/Androgynous: If you are blessed with this body shape, be happy... Most runway models are have this body shape and literally can wear anything, including whatever kind of belt you choose. If you wish for a more feminine and curvaceous look, opt for narrow belts in neutral/bright colors for instant 70s style. If you want to look curvier in a more sultry way, opt for wide belts in strong materials, such as leather and metal. Celebrity examples are Kate Moss, Megan Fox and Nicole Kidman.