Tuesday, 1 February 2011


As a self professed and recent vintage clothing junkie, I have spent the last 6 to 10 weeks purchasing vintage clothing online.
Never before had I entered the complex world of internet buying as enthusiastically, receiving a few good surprises along the way and a few bad surprises as well.
My most recent purchase of a vintage item was made from a seller in California... Unfortunately, I am have the hunch that this particular item is a replica & not an actual vintage piece. How do I know???
Well, the stitching seems fresh and recent, and the buttons at the back are surprisingly stain free... If its vintage it should have at least some dry cleaning marks or stains in those areas which are touched the most- like buttons, especially if these are cloth buttons, which in this case they are.

I am not angry... I actually think the piece has a lot of potential and I know that many people prefer wearing Vintage replicas, and not an actual pre-worn item.

I've decided to keep this "vintage" piece for several reasons:
1. I love the red/black combination of the dress.
2. It can be used as both a dress or a long top.
3. Its distinctive high neck, seemingly menswear inspired is very of the moment.
4. Its vertical lines promise to make whoever wear this-ME- look more slender.


  1. You know, sometimes www.etsy.com has vintage stuff, so maybe you can check it out :-). Btw, love the dress and I know it will look great on you. ^_^

  2. I will definitely check it out! Thanks! :)