Wednesday, 16 February 2011


It's certainly no secret that I have a thing for Menswear...I love it!
The cool thing is, I'm not alone... I recently visited American Apparel online and was amazed at seeing models-male and female- photographed with the same item. Retail stores seem to be catching on that some gals, like me, just love borrowing their man's clothes every once in a while.

As a Stylist & Image Consultant, I think all men should posses style that includes good tailoring, decent hygiene and a killer perfume as the essentials and basics of everyday dressing. And of course, who can resist a well dressed man? Most women will at least have a second look, even if it's from the corner of their eye!

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average height for an adult male in the United States is approximately 5'9"... I have guy friends who complain that clothes don't fit them appropriately, maybe because they're skinny or simply don't fit the "average"... The good news is this: Clothes con do wonders for your shape and appearance (AKA sex appeal). It can make you look slimmer and longer, bulkier in the arms if you want that and even less hung over if you choose the right color shirt...

The following images are from SSENSE.COM and offer a Menswear basic style guide. I've also included a few tips and comments regarding why I've chosen this item and body types who can benefit from each piece...

1. Dark shirts: Blue, black and dark denim wash shirts are great for minimizing the upper part of the body and also adding some structure. When combined with a similar/same color bottom it can also make you look taller and more slender. Pair with matching shoes for ultimate slimming or with bright sneakers if you want to make a statement; it all depends on the occasion.

2) Leather: A bad boy staple since the beginning of time, leather is one of those materials that always looks good. The basic colors are black and brown, but the possibilities of matching these items are endless... The jacket can be worn with jeans, dress pants or cargo pants. Leather boots are versatile as well and will last a long time.
Leather jackets are flattering for most body types, just beware: Avoid pleather, too big or spike details. If your skinnier than average the leather jacket will prove especially beneficial... Haven't you heard the Kesha song? Lots of girls still dream with a Mick Jagger look alike!

The Sweater: If your buff and want to show your muscles, without catching a cold, a knitted sweater is a great option... In a light color, its very reminiscent of Robert Redford in "The Way We Were" and perfectly 70s- definitely piece that will get you noticed in a good way. You can layer it, with a white dress shirt underneath to dress it up, or over a white tee shirt for a more casual look. If you are looking to slim down, opt for a sweater with a v-neck and tailored sleeves.
If you're looking to add dimension, you can choose a printed sweater in something such as Argyle or Tartan, which is very of the season. Prints add bulk and draw attention to wherever they're placed, so choose carefully.

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