Saturday, 1 January 2011

Vintage is about MEMORABLE STYLE and Classic Elegance

Lately I have been seriously disillusioned with the clothes I see at the mall. Nothing is really "new", it all looks the same to me. Another trend in the retail market is decreasing quality, increasing Price tag!
Vintage is the remedy... Do I really want to look at my New Year's pictures thirty years from now and cringe? NOT!
Elegance and style is something that the best dressed women in history have always possessed. Take Jackie O. for example, actresses and singers of our day still love the BIG SUNGLASSES, soft hued lips, striking pearls and feminine style of this memorable woman.

Being stylish is about being polished and beautiful in your own way... Do you want to bring sexy back?
Marilyn Monroe is another example of a beautiful woman who's style remains. Think kitten eyeliner and sultry red lips... and voilà! Being sexy is NOT really about showing skin, especially for the more adult-I'm not a teenager- but I'm hot ladies like ME; being sexy is about showing skin in the right places, with the right shoes and the right hair do'...just ask Victoria Beckham another style inspiration for me.
As a woman I believe I deserve to do it all in style... Have a career, cook fabulous meals for my hubby, have babies and age gracefully. And above all, not cringe when I see my New Years Eve 2010 picture!

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