Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Now that the Holiday craziness is almost over... I've decided its time for a little present, one I REALLY want and by that I mean shoes, of course!
For the past two months I've been obsessing over a pair of military boots at Nine West. After waiting for them to go down in price & to my great dismay, when I finally decided to purchase them... they had sold out!
I never thought other girls would actually want these boots due to their masculine and "clownish" round toe style; but apparently I was wrong.
Nine West does not ship purchases to Puerto Rico so I was very turned off by this lack of good customer support.
But all this frustration did not come in vain, I actually found a beautiful pair of 100% leather boots just in time for my special day... And I am SO HAPPY!
I may actually sleep in these when I get them... Or just not take them of for a few days... Kind of nasty I know, but thats how I much I love them.
So, what lessons did I learn about good boot-hunting early in 2011?

1. There is a good boot for every budget and every lifestyle. Flat heel for a lot of walking and comfort, high heels for a night out with the girls.
2. Military boots are definitely in. Whether you pair them with a cute floral dress or with a pair of skinny jeans & a sweater for some extra glamour.
3. Round toe shoes will be in style again very soon.
4. Check the label of whatever item you consider purchasing; a 100% leather boot will last a lifetime, a cheaper version may also be good- just don't let a high price tag fool you into believing the quality is good. Always double-check the materials and even give yourself some time to shop around on the internet & compare prices of similar items in different stores.

Here are some examples of the same style boot, and how prices vary according to the store:




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