Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Kookie Style: Color Punch!!!

Using Fashiolista as my guide, I've chosen an array of items that are sure to spruce up any wardrobe!

I truly believe colorful outfits are here to stay!!! For a few more seasons at least. As you'll soon notice, I've narrowed down my LOVE objects to pink and blue... Why?

These colors are extremely versatile when paired and are actually flattering to an array of different complexions... Go ahead, give it a try & you'll see there will be no regrets!

Use a few of these items together à la "color blocking" can be pure magic... You can also use these colors as separates-to kick off Summer with a bit of spice.
For example, Berry and Ocean inspired nail polishes can be mixed with a neutral or monochromatic look, whether it be black or white... Shocking color shoes can liven up any jean and T-shirt, instantly.

If you feel up to the challenge to share your PICs, please do... I'd love to see more outfit combinations with Pink and Blue!!!!


Color Punch | Fashiolista

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