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It's definitely been too long since my last blog post, it's easy to get wrapped up in life- the good and the tedious- but I'm back!
As a working girl, fresh out of College and juggling a myriad of roles it can sometimes be confusing  to tackle the right basics for your body type; and of course this is based on my own experience dressing my inverted triangle shape. 

Most ladies and men, know that adding ANY horizontal line to a particular part or area of the body, will always make this area look bigger.  Horizontal lines can be good for a slender gentlemen who wants to look a bit more buff,  and bad for big busted ladies, inverted triangles, round body types and most women who don't feel completely comfortable with their dress size. 
The good news??? When it comes to fashion the possibilities are endless... The key is to dress up the basics by focusing on elements such as proportion, visual interest and vertical lines. 

A piece that is considered a basic in most women's closet is the Sailor Stripe top- If it's not in your closet I highly recommend you get one based on your preferences; whether in T-shirt form, cardigan or other styles, Breton or Sailor Stripes have been très chic for a long time.  They became the official uniform for the French navy seamen in Brittany in 1858, to locate overboard sailors if an accident were to happen.

Another interesting fact, thanks to Wikifashion for this quote, is that the original Breton striped shirt featured 21 stripes, 1 for each of Napoleon's victories. Check out the full article at Wikifashion
Ready to let go of fears regarding horizontal lines? Let's begin... 

1. Round and Diamond Body Types: Round body type shape includes slouchy shoulders and a tendency to gain weight around the waist area; same goes for diamond shape. These body types usually have really nice legs and a gorgeous face and it's always a good idea to focus on these assets. The best way to wear sailor stripes for this shape is to keep the stripes from the end of the bust upward.  An option can be to wear the stripes beneath a V neck cardigan sweater and making sure the sweater is in a dark solid color and matches the bottom choice of garments.  Another option is to wear the stripes underneath a dark color jacket or coat and simply show the arms part of the garment. As shown in the photo of Sofia Coppola below: 

2. Inverted Triangles Body Type: This body type can be difficult to dress if you're busty or plus size but the key is to choose tops that go beyond the natural torso, while still keeping a few bright colors or A-line shapes on the bottom.  Skirts that have a bit of flair a great option, as well as flared pants. Also look for styles that have a V-neck and are not too tight around the body. There must be enough room for movement. You can also add a statement shoe to complement your outfit. 

3.  Pear Shaped Body Type: Sailor stripes are actually a good option for pear shaped women since it easily draws attention away from the hips and unto the face and bust.  The photo below is a good example of how to layer this basic piece with more elegant accessories. The scarf in the photo is a great touch for petites since it creates a vertical line and visually helps complement the black shoes and purse. The Chanel red jacket is gorgeous and adds a bit of unexpected glamour to the whole ensemble. There are many similar styles out there, so take your pick. 

This look is good for fall since there is some layering... This technique is recommended for pear shaped women who don't want to add bulk to their bottom half. 

4. Rectangle Body Type: This body type should focus on ways to create the illusion of curves. A good way to do this is with cinched belts, waistlines, brights and prints such as Sailor Stripes. 

In the above photo, a Sailor Stripe top and jacket are combined for a very cool effect and paired with a bright skater skirt. The result is a different and visually arresting outfit that also creates the illusion of curves. 

Never know what to wear with that flowy skirt you have in your closet? Add a belt and Breton shirt and  you'll be ready to go. You can also use a Maxi skirt or a high low skirt, so trendy these past seasons.  This option is both feminine and unexpected and makes for sunny weather, without making you feel overexposed.  I have to talk about the Sunny weather in Fall, I'm an Island girl after all... 



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