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I'm the type of woman that takes her hair seriously, very seriously... It all goes back to my preteen years, when I had to fight several boys because their lunch time games usually involved pulling my ponytail and stealing my hair bands.  A bit later at the age of 11,  I got 'piojos' and when no lice treatment could rid my hair of those terrible fiends, I began experimenting with hair dye. First a dark brown, not unlike my natural color but a bit warmer, and later blonde- all shades of blond: Ash, golden, copper, strawberry... The list goes on.
The truth is I love experimenting with new haircuts and colors, always have, always will.
In high school, I was the girl that had a new hair color every other week; I recall buying a pair of orange feather earrings to match my orange (on blonde) highlights.  When I was eighteen I had the Skunk look: Raven black hair with two white streaks- one on each side... I loved it!
I really enjoy changing my hair when my mood changes or when my goals shift... Hair color is a way in which I have often expressed myself & I view hair as being a big part of fashion- of fashion in general and it complements a person's wardrobe choice at all times... So, it's important.
Now that I am an adult (sigh), I do play it safer than before... I am currently a brunette and I enjoy rocking my natural color on a daily basis. But, for the past few weeks I can't help but notice how beautiful, celebs like Florence Welch, Emma Stone and Rihanna look in bright red hair.
These images make me want to step out of my comfort zone and into flaming red hair.  Not so fast... I've entered a new phase in my life- so before jumping into the slavery of being a red head for 3 weeks and then fading back to brown, I have to stop and truly reconsider: Is red for me???
For the time being, my conclusion is to incorporate more red in my wardrobe... and maybe, just maybe get some red highlights.  As for the clothes, being a Winter (personal coloring) I will definitely stick with bright reds, and reds with a bit of blue in them... In essence cool reds. I already own a red pair of jeans and I am currently looking for the perfect red jacket, and an elegant pair of red pants that can be dressed up or down depending the occasion. Red lipsticks is also a favorite of mine, though I admit I seldom wear it. I really should vow to wear it more often...

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Source: via Katrina on Pinterest
Source: via Katrina on Pinterest
Source: via Katrina on Pinterest
Source: via Katrina on Pinterest
Source: via Katrina on Pinterest

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